What We Do

The workers behind Thomas Blake Electrical both install and assess air conditioning systems. We also check your ventilation. Our quality work means you keep cool during those brutal Aussie summers.


Hot water systems repair

A hot water system is one of the basic needs in a household. Defective or systems not installed correctly are painful to both the home and the wallet. When it finally fails, you need to call someone qualified to get the system fixed, fast.

The experts at Thomas Blake Electrical have the right tools to restore the hot water service in your home. We handle everything, from little leaks to full-on restoration. We’re committed to doing the job, and doing it properly.

And what else is better than working hot water? Knowing it will get done at a cost-effective rate.


Pool Pump Repair
Swimming pools are a great feature to any home, but they need maintaining like any other fixture in the home. Pool owners should be checking their pumps and filters regularly. This means stopping a problem before it starts.

However, Thomas Blake Electrical is on call if you can’t avoid those problems. Pumps that are used constantly have a higher risk of wearing out. We have electricians who specialise in pool repairs. They’ll get your system back up and running again in no time.


Bathroom heater repair
Warm showers are an excellent cure to a cold day, but it’s not much good if you’re stepping back into a cold bathroom. Bathroom heaters give homes that extra level of comfort during chilly days. If you don’t have one, we can take care of that for you.


LED lighting installation
LEDs light up your property without negatively impacting your electricity bill or your carbon footprint. They’re cheap and last longer than ordinary bulbs and fluorescents lights. Thomas Blake Electrical has experience to plan the layout of the lighting and the skills to install them quickly.


What We Do

Thomas Blake Electrical provides of affordable electrical repairs and maintenance for Residents and Businesses in South Eastern part of Brisbane. We do electrical installations on new buildings, renovations and general electrical maintenance and repairs. With us, you can be sure that we will do your work to the highest standards.

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