What We Do

What We Do

Thomas Blake Electrical provides of affordable electrical repairs and maintenance for Residents and Businesses in South Eastern part of Brisbane. We do electrical installations on new buildings, renovations and general electrical maintenance and repairs. With us, you can be sure that we will do your work to the highest standards.

We can install and assess ventilation and air conditioning systems to keep your house cool especially during the very hot summer.

Hot water systems repair
Hot water system is one of the most basic needs in households, the system circulates hot water mainly for use in the bathroom and laundry. Hot water systems can also be a very costly part electricity bills if it is not installed correctly or if it is defective. And if it fully fails it requires an expert to service and repair.

Our experts at Thomas Blake Electrical are geared with expertise and fully equipped with tools to fully restore the hot water service in your home and at a very cost effective rate; from simple up to the most complicated system problem we can assist you and give our commitment to restore the system and make it work the way like it was new. We do the entire task using our experience, knowledge and expertise. Using quality parts.

Pools Pumps Repair
Having a swimming pool is great, however, pools are also installed with filtration and pump system to keep it clean. But like the other electrical and mechanical machines the pumps will also need regular maintenance and repairs. Pool pump systems can fail anytime because it is constantly being used. Before it worsens the condition of your pool which might cost more, it is practical that at the first sign of failure of your pool pump, call the services of electrical experts right away. Thomas Blake Electrical is always ready. We have reliable and competent electricians that are experts and skilled in pool repair services.

Bathroom heaters repair
Bathroom heaters help regulate the bathroom temperature and keep it warm for our use. You don’t want to be jumping out of the shower immediately on those very cold nights and winter. So if you don’t have one already have one installed for your comfort.

Led lighting installs
Besides protecting the environment, LED lighting is a great way of saving energy. LED lights are perfect for your home because of their environment and energy saving feature. LED lights are cheap and lasts longer than ordinary light bulbs and fluorescents lights. Install LED lights now, whether in the home, backyard or commercial building to guarantee the most cost effective way to light up your property. Thomas Blake Electrical can help you with your LED lighting installations and planning.

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